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Cage Your Lotus!  Adding a cage is a smart way to add safety and stiffness to your track or race focused Lotus.  Originally designed by R3 Motorsports, our cage is now in production with several improvements.  Produced from high quality materials and designed to be a straight forward installation for any race shop.  We've incorporated an innovative mounting system that allows for ideal shoulder belt position and angle.  The Art Car features this cage.

High Quality Materials & Construction = Peace of Mind

  • DOM mild steel, 1.5"x.095"
  • TIG welded - beautifully!
  • Lotus Cup compliant
  • Unpainted

Innovative 3 Section Design = Affordable Shipping & Ease of Installation

  • 3 separate sections: Front, Top & Back
    • can easily be shipped 
  • Complete cage is tack welded in fixture to insure correct fitment & ease final welding
    • some joints need final welding during installation
    • most joints are fully welded
  • Utilizes stock rear triangulation bars to bolt-in easily to rear subframe
  • Utilizes stock door pin 
  • Allows use of stock dash and requires minor mods to the door sill plastic covers.

Ergonomic Features = Better Fit for Varied Drivers

  • Shoulder belt bar features threaded bungs for eye bolts on top & bottom
    • Tall = connect your shoulder belts to eye bolts mounted to the top of the tube
    • Average = wrap your shoulder belts around the main tube
    • Short = connect your shoulder belts to eye bolts mounted at the bottom of the tube
  • Improved belt fitment for HANs devices
    • Recommended shoulder belt angle is 0deg to -20deg
  • No door bars eases entry/exit for driver & passenger
    • door panels do not need to be cut
    • door bars can be added if required

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Model Compatibility

  • '04+ Elise & Exige

Caution: Professional Installation is recommended.  This is not a job for the typical shade tree mechanic.  You should be familiar with cage installations which requires basic fabrication skills including welding.  This is not a modification that is easy to reverse.  Cage is unpainted so will need to be painted once final welding is complete.