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hub 50mm or 20mm
hub 50mm or 20mm
hub 50mm or 20mm

hub 50mm or 20mm

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hub 50mm or 20mm

Add a Racing Steering Wheel  Eliminate the heavy airbag from your Track car with our steering column adapter.  This adapter will take any 6 bolt steering wheel of your choice.  Our solution will bolt up to your Federal Elise/Exige.  Steering wheel will remain fixed with this solution.

Bolt-on Ease

  • Bolts on to your stock steering column
  • Can be used with hubQR2 if a shorter reach is required

Added Safety for Track Cars

  • Airbag deployment can severely injure a helmeted driver

Lightweight = Save over 4lbs

  • Elimination of your stock airbag is a significant weight savings

Model Compatibility

  • '05+ Elise & Exige
  • Will NOT fit on Cup car or 211

  • Airbag light will remain on

Track Use Only - This is NOT a Quick Release System