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Elise Seat Grommets
Elise Seat Grommets
Elise Seat Grommets

Elise Seat Grommets

Price: $44.99


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Elise Seat Grommets

A mandatory modification for stock Elise seats with harnesses.A harness belt must pass from the harness bar directly over the collar bone” - harness safety expert, Joe Marko of HMS Motorsport and Schroth. Our partnership with Schroth has enlightened us to the importance of proper harness belt routing. This part will allow you to utilize your stock Elise seat with a track harness. Out of serious concern for your safety, we strongly recommend that you install this solution.

Improved Harness Safety

  • A stock seat compromises the shoulder strap line.
  • Grommets allow shoulder straps pass safely from harness bar to your body.
  • 3rd Grommet allows 5th point harness to pass up from under the seat.
  • Harness will work as designed.

DIY Modification

  • Complete instructions for cutting your seat and utilizing grommets are included.
  • Low cost alternative to seat replacement.

Clean Stock Look

  • Shape of the grommets compliments the stock Elise seats.

Model Compatibility

  • '05+ Elise

1 pack of 3 for $44.99.  

If you are modifying both the driver and passenger seats, you will need 2 packs, for a total of 6 individual grommets.