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Ease Your Wheel Changes at the Track with our Affordable Wheel Stud Kit! If you change wheels for track or autoX use, you'll love our HEXstud kit. This stud and nut package allows you to quickly and easily change all four wheels without the hassle of the failure-prone factory lock nut tool. Discrete black lug nuts complete this track-ready and easy to install solution. Give your race wheels properly mean looking studs!  We have 2 kits available: a 16-piece kit, and now a 4-pack kit which is ideal for when you need a few replacements or spares!

Durable & Strong

  • Made from 10.9 grade steel.
  • Cold forged and quenched 
  • Coated with zinc-nichel electroplating.

Simplify & Ease Wheel Installation

  • Eliminate 2 OEM tools:
    • Special lock nut tool
    • Wheel bolt tool
  • Accepts wheel spacers

Simple Installation

  • Easy installation can be accomplished by even novices

Full Kit Includes:

  • 16 Black steel wheel studs
  • 16 Black steel lug nuts
  • Thread lock

4-Pack Kit Includes:

  • 4 Black steel wheel studs
  • 4 Black steel lug nuts

Model Compatibility

  • '05+ Elise
  • '06+ Exige
  • 211
  • Cup Cars
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