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Carbon-lined Synchros
Carbon-lined Synchros
Carbon-lined Synchros

Carbon-lined Synchros

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Carbon-lined Synchros

Quicker Shifts + Longer Life! Our new replacement synchros have been designed from brass with carbon sleeves to improve shifting and durability of your stock Toyota transmission (C6X).  We partnered with Synchrotech who developed these from carbon-carbon tech derived from aerospace applications.  Used successfully in Honda street and race cars for years.  Tested in our Elise (ArtCar v2).  Sector111 Exclusive

  • Carbon Composite Lining            
  • Stronger body made from Japanese Brass
  • Improved lock angle for quicker shifts        
  • More surface contact
  • Strong bonding between carbon and brass              
  • Improved oiling grooves

Other info:

  • 500 mile Break-in period
  • Motul fluid recommended
    • heavy fluids (like Redline MT90) are not recommended with these synchros

Kit Includes:

  • 1,2,3,4,5 & 6 gear synchros
    • 2nd gear is a multi-ring synchro

    Model Compatibility

    • '04-'11 Elise
    • '05-'11 Exige
    • Toyota C60/C64 gearbox

    Carbon Syncro Info Sheet

    Click above image to see full size Info Sheet