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ProAlloy Chargecooler
ProAlloy Chargecooler
ProAlloy Chargecooler

ProAlloy Chargecooler

Price: $2,599.99

ProAlloy Chargecooler

Want to reduce your air intake temps by up to 70% and add 15-20+ HP? (without an ECU reflash) The Exige 'S' suffers terribly from heat soak.  The problem comes from 1) The  tiny OEM air to air intercooler that is mounted above the engine - heat rising from the engine soaks into the intercooler. 2) The cold air feed to the intercooler is through a small air scoop in the roof which provides nowhere near enough air flow to take the heat away, this is evident after the intercooler has heat soaked as the temperatures seem to take forever to come back down to a stable level. You can actually feel the effects of this after sitting in traffic- the car immediatley feels 'sluggish' as the ECU is detecting the extra heat and it retards the ignition to protect itself from detonation. The obvious cure to this problem is to use a charge cooler - a water to air intercooler.   Sector111 Exclusive

How does it work?

  • A charge cooler unit replaces the standard air to air intercooler, a Bosch water pump feeds the water to an auxillary cooling radiator in the high air flow area at the front of the car, the water is then pumped back to the alloy header tank which is situated in the engine bay.  This cool water effectively chills the intake air.

Innovative Chargecooler design

  • See picture in Product Reference
  • 5 individual alloy water radiator cores give the water 5 even passes of the unit via 90 individual 20mm wide tubes whilst the charged air is passed across literally thosands of alloy fins.
    • This design greatly increase the contact area between the hot air and the cold water whilst retaining far more air flow capability than the standard intercooler or an intercooler with a water jacket

No heat soak = Sustained & more power

  • intake temps will remain very low so ECU maintains maximum performance
  • See our Dyno in the product reference
    • notice how power drops from runs 1-3 (before chargecooler)
    • note how power is higher and does not drop after chargecooler is installed in runs 5-6

Build a Safe foundation BEFORE adding more power

  • Cool intake temps will insure the power and longevity of your motor
  • Highly recomended for track driven cars - especially those in hot climates
  • We tested this kit for months to get the correct configuration for our cars

Sector111 Tested and Configured Specifically for US/Canadian Exiges

  • our kit includes the innovative proRAD radiator 
  • new pull style fans are relocated to improve airflow to radiators

Superb construction = a Masterpiece from ProAlloy

  • Beautifully engineered and fabricated
    • 25yrs of radiator experience

Charge cooler kit includes:

  • ProAlloy charge cooler unit
  • Bosch water pump
  • ProAlloy auxillary cooling radiator 
  • ProAlloy alloy header tank
  • ProAlloy 3 pass engine radiator
  • 2 pull-type fans
  • all hoses, brackets, hardware and connectors

Professional Installation Only

  • We recommend you contact our Dealers to schedule an installation

 Model Compatibility

  • Exige 'S' '07+ only
    • no ECU flash required
  • not compatible with Katana