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Torque RT700 Racing Brake Fluid
Torque RT700 Racing Brake Fluid
Torque RT700 Racing Brake Fluid

Torque RT700 Racing Brake Fluid

Price: $33.95
** Eligible for International Delivery

Torque RT700 Racing Brake Fluid

The Newest and Best Brake Fluid Available for Racing! RT700 has the highest dry and wet boiling points that we have ever offered. This is a DOT 4 blend which is safe for your OEM or aftermarket brakes.  Made in the USA.

683 degrees dry boiling point.

  • The highest of any fluid we sell
  • Very high dry boiling point ensures that your brake fluid wont boil under the most extreme demands.
  • Dry boiling point refers to the uncontaminated boiling point of the fluid.

439 degrees wet boiling point

  • Over time brake fluid gets contaminated with moisture which lowers the boiling point of brake fluids.
    • Occurs naturally during regular use, washing your car, and humidity from the air.
  • To compare, the minimum wet boiling point for a DOT 3 fluid is 284 degrees.

High moisture resistance & Reserve Alkalinity

  • Higher boiling points then DOT-4 competitors.

Model Compatibility

  • '05+ Elise
  • '06 Exige & '07+ Exige S
  • Tesla Roadster
  • '10+ Evora & S

We recommend 1 liter or 2 bottles to fully flush your braking system.


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