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HNTpad ™ (Heel & Toe)
HNTpad ™ (Heel & Toe)
HNTpad ™ (Heel & Toe)

HNTpad ™ (Heel & Toe)

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HNTpad ™ (Heel & Toe)

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Having trouble with heel and toe (HNT) technique in your '05 Elise? Our HNTpad™ is assured to make it much easier to rev match your downshifts. By raising the level of the brake pedal pad, we've aligned it with the accelerator to make rev matching a snap.  Our custom designed, CNC machined, HNTpad will bolt on the the stock pad with no modifications. Slide the HNTpad onto stock brake pedal pad, tighten each bolt and you are done. Bolt-on simplicity! Track tested.

You might want 2 of these little jewels. Some clients are using them on their brake AND clutch.

TRACK USE ONLY! Will only fit '05 cars!

HNTpads are available in Silver Only.