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lumosHID Retrofit Kit
lumosHID Retrofit Kit
lumosHID Retrofit Kit

lumosHID Retrofit Kit

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lumosHID Retrofit Kit

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See More and Increase Safety with our Bi-Xenon kit! The lumosHID kit is the perfect light upgrade for your 05-06 Elise/Exige. We have used high quality components in putting together this bolt-on HID kit.  This kit will increase your light output by 106% over stock, making your car considerably safer at night.  Unlike many kits out there, we include the proper HID projectors which are key in focusing the light properly. Plug & Play!  Sector111 Exclusive.

Precise HID Projectors = Improved Visibility for Driver 
• Increased light output = 106% increase over stock
       o 3200 lumens vs 1550 stock 
• No glare
       o Does not blind other drivers on low beam
• Maximum light focus 
• Warm white color, 4500 kelvin bulbs
       o No blue tint

High Quality OEM Ballasts = Reliability & Performance
• DENSO/Toyota Ballasts deliver OE quality
• Startup current draw of only 5-6 amps vs 10-13 amps of lower quality ballasts
• More efficient bulbs
       o Our 35 watt bulbs draw 2.9 amps when normally running 
       o The stock 55 watt bulb draws 4.58 amps

Bolt-on Solution = Ease of Installation
• Direct bolt in

       o No special tools required

• Plug & play
• Zero wire splicing

Model Compatibility
• '05-‘06 Elise/Exige

Kit includes:

  • Denso ballasts
  • 4500 Kelvin HID bulbs
  • HID Projectors
  • ORE brackets
  • Wiring adapters
  • misc hardware
  • Comprehensive install instructions

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