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Rear Elise Spec Race Clam
Rear Elise Spec Race Clam
Rear Elise Spec Race Clam

Rear Elise Spec Race Clam

Price: $1,499.99
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Rear Elise Spec Race Clam

Replacement Race Clams for Your Track-Only Elise! If you need a race clam or damaged your OE clam, our lighter-than-stock Spec Clams are your answer.

Save or Replace Your OE Clam = Save Time & Money

  • Save your OE Clam!
    • Track-only Elise? Install our Rear Spec Clam & sell or keep your OE one as a spare.
    • Don't risk damaging your valuable OE clam!
  • Replace your OE Clam!
    • On-track accident? Save money & time.

Track-Focused Design & Construction = Race-Ready Looks & Performance

  • Hand-laid fiberglass
    • Slightly thicker & stronger than OE Elise clam
  • Easier to repair

Model Compatibility:

  • '05+ Elise & SC

This is a handmade body part going onto a handmade car. Some modifications may be needed during fitment.



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Spyder Lite
Save ~5 lbs over stock.