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Affordable Drag Reduction  Our new aluminum 5 element rear diffuser is a great solution for Elise/Exige owners looking for additional drag reduction on their cars.  This new solution bolts up to the stock locations and features more and deeper vanes than stock.

Designed for Reduced Drag

  • features five elements and deeper vanes to manage turbulent airflow underneath car
    • vanes are spaced 8.5"
  • no hole for exhaust tips = improved airflow

Excellent Strength & Build Quality = Perfect for the Track

  • built from aluminum like the stock diffuser
    • 10.1 lbs vs. 6.35 lbs (stock)
  • multiple piece solution is riveted together
  • powder coated black

Model Compatibility

  • '05+ Elise 
    • side hangars can be removed to fit Elise
  • '06+ Exige & S 
  • above diffuser exhaust recommended: Larini 6"Larini 8"
    • it is possible to cut hole for exhaust tips
  • requires naked rear, see: The Eliminator v3



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