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flatJACKS - One Pair
flatJACKS - One Pair
flatJACKS - One Pair

flatJACKS - One Pair

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flatJACKS - One Pair

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The Perfect Jack Stands for your Lotus or Alfa! These 3-ton jack stands feature a rubber flat-top surface that is perfect for you flat-bottom Lotus or Alfa 4C. Work on your car safely and securely without damaging it. A must for any DIY'er! These are the best stands we have ever used on our cars!

Securely Jack Your Lotus/Alfa = Safely Work on Your Car

  • Flat top
    • Perfect for your flat-bottom car
  • Rubber saddle cushion
    • Won't damage your frame or chassis like the traditional metal curved saddle
  • Sturdy tripod design
    • Each leg has a circular metal pad for a longer foot prong & extra stability
  • Safety-pin locked height positions
    • 5 height positions
  • Capacity: 3 tons
    • That's 3 Lotus Elises!


Min Height: 13"

Max Height 21.5"

Positions: 5

Model Compatibility:

  • Any flat-bottom car